Speaker – K-Club Breakfast Event – 12th November 2015

“How to Win: Building world class brands and winning mindsets”

Steve Smith

Director at Raise the Bar

Steve Smith is one of the country’s best and most sought after motivational speakers and is still Britain’s most successful ever high jumper, having won a medal in every major championship including the Olympic Games and his British record has now stood for over 20 years.

Steve has spent over 25 years working in high performance environments and is uniquely placed to give an insight into creating a winning mindset.  Drawing on his own experiences performing at the highest level in sport, along with the works of some of the most influential people in sport today, he will provide a different perspective on performance in a corporate culture; specifically: accountability, change, winning behaviours and mindset.

A recent survey of over 100 presentations showed that 98% of the delegates attending his sessions agreed to take away something from his presentation to impact on their own performance.