K-Club breakfast Speaker – 9th February 2017

‘Why businesses that deliver value to society are good investments’

Stephen Critchlow

Founder of Evergreen Energy

Stephen, initially an NHS pharmacist, founded his start-up business from his back pocket as an NHS employee in 1987.

In 1995, he took £150,000 from an angel investor and then in 2002, £2m from LDC.  He floated as Ascribe on AIM for £17m in 2004 buying 15 companies with operating cash and shares.  In 2008 he bought the business back with money from private equity firm, ECI, and then sold the business for £65m to another listed business.

Stephen now runs Evergreen Group which invests in businesses that deliver social impact; he has a controlling share in some start-ups and is business angel for many others.