K-Club Breakfast Speaker – 6th November 2014

Martin Ainscough

Chairman of Ainscough Group

Martin grew Ainscough Crane Hire into the UK’s largest and most successful crane business, prior to its sale in 2007. He is chairman of the Ainscough Group of Companies which invests in and owns a wide range of business interests including property investment, finance and private equity companies.

Throughout his business life, he has been particularly active in the charitable and local community fields, setting in chain a number of projects. Since retiring from the crane business, he has applied his time and resources with aplomb, significantly increasing the tempo, scale and depth of his charitable activities.

His interest in promoting youth goes beyond traditional avenues of support and was the principal driving force in proposing, designing, building and operating the Wigan Youth Zone, was a major co-funder at £3.8 million and currently chairs the board of directors. He is also the chairman of the University Technical College Wigan, a teaching and educational facility providing vocational training courses, with a particular focus on the renewable energy and food manufacturing industries. Working in close cooperation with the concept’s founder, Lord Baker, Martin has overseen the transformation of the former Rushton Warehouse in Wigan Town Centre into a state-of-the-art academic facility, focussing on the need to prepare young people for meaningful and sustainable employment.