K-Club Breakfast Speaker – 28th March 2019

Darryl Cooke

Co-Founder of Gunnercooke llp and Chair of the Inspire* Accelerator Foundation

Darryl is renowned as a private equity lawyer – he’s solely done private equity transactions for over 25 years. In that time he’s helped clients to invest, buy, sell and raise money for businesses across the UK and all over the world.  He’s even written the world’s leading book on the subject!

He is passionate about ensuring that legal processes evolve to meet the changing requirements of funders and of the fast-growing businesses that they invest in.

He co-founded Gunnercooke in 2010 along with Sarah Golbourne and since its inception, has been the fastest growing law firm in the UK, having achieved 100% growth every year.  Brilliant client service is at the core of their model – the quality of which is judged by their clients through net promoter score where they have consistently scored over 80%.

Darryl is also the Chairman of the Inspire* Accelerator Foundation, whose purpose is not to work with those major charities that operate as major businesses but to work with smaller, yet ambitious charities.  Ambition is the criteria to becoming part of the Inspire family.  The Inspire* Accelerator is the charitable foundation of Gunnercooke.  Leadership is everything and they work with the CEO and the leadership team to enhance the effectiveness of their leadership and their operations, helping them to grow and ‘do good faster’.

With proven business processes to challenge advancement, they use a hub model comprising of other charities and an entrepreneurial hub leader to facilitate the challenge, providing a back office of expert advisors and journalists to guide them in their challenge.   They are always seeking supporters and new charities to join their family.


K-Club Breakfast Event – Thursday 28th March 2019, 7.30am-10am at the AJ Bell Stadium, Salford.