Podcast #9 – In Conversation on Recruitment & Job Search

February 17, 2021

Securing a new role during a Pandemic


In this recording, we chat with experts from the recruitment & coaching sector to find out about the very different world people find themselves in today when looking to secure employment. The pandemic has meant some jobs no longer exist, or look very different to how they did 12 months ago, and the process for applying and interviewing for those is more reliant on technology than ever before.

K-Club - Landing a Job in a Pandemic


Whether it’s securing a role in a new business or moving up the ladder within an existing company, people not only have the usual applications and interviews to overcome, but now have the added difficulty of completing these (in the most part) online.

Restructuring of businesses as a result of the pandemic is also driving the need for re-training.

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Tricia Bullman is founder and Managing Director of Halecroft Recruitment, whose business places candidates in temporary, interim and permanent roles in many industry sectors across the UK.

Beverley Grant is an executive coach and founded Realms of Possibility following a career in HR Management. Her focus is to empower people to be the best they can be, in a role that they can enjoy.

Both Tricia and Beverley volunteer their time and interview/coaching skills for Smart Works Greater Manchester, a charity who assist unemployed women into the workplace.

Interviewing is Amanda Manson, Professional Organiser at Orderly Office and Home, who coordinates events and membership for the K-Club.


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