Mixing Up New Ideas With The Old In Manchester

November 6, 2014

At the last K-Club event of 2014 in Manchester, attendees were inspired and enlightened by two very successful, yet very different speakers.

Martin Ainscough, Chairman of the Ainscough Group gave an honest, lively and truly inspirational talk about his varied career which began in his father’s Lancashire-based family scrap metal business, which evolved over the years to become the UK’s largest crane hire operator.  Working alongside his siblings, he helped to grow the business into a multi-million pound independent affair, by creating a streamlined and efficient operation, and enjoying a substantial profit to boot!  With all 5 of his children running their own businesses, Martin still finds time to support charitable causes and give his wealth of expertise to see others flourish in their industries.

Richard Harrison of Reputation.com continued to feed the audience’s desire for inspiration with his up to the minute overview of building an e-business.  With the growth of the internet and online activity, it is apparent that the use of social networks to build modern businesses is most definitely the way forward.  The ability to measure visits, interactions, sharing and hits on websites enables businesses to keep up with their audience and target markets, ensuring that they deliver things that will be well received.  The staggering statistic that people under the age of 30 spend more time watching YouTube videos than they do watching TV showed just how things have changed since Richard started his career selling computer products from a thick printed catalogue!

Both speakers took questions from the floor and left attendees with plenty to consider in their own businesses.