Am I getting the right ROI from my sales team?

May 8, 2017

Here to help you answer that important ROI (return on investment) question is K-Club Associate and Sales Trainer Charlie McIntyre; owner of CM Services (UK) Ltd.

As the Owner or MD of a Company do you lie awake at night wondering?

What are my Sales force activity levels really like?

Are my teams using all the sales collateral I’ve heavily invested in to their maximum potential?

How many hours per week do my Sales team really spend talking to their clients – either on a telesales call or face to face?

Are they picking up buying signals?

Are they being managed properly?


The questions surrounding sales are never ending and they demand answers.


Good territory management and setting the right call objectives ensures they’ve the correct call frequency and have something tangible to close on.  Teaching good solid questioning techniques makes more interesting and the client will welcome them back time and again.  Plus proper listening skills ensure they don’t miss those vital buying signals.

A quick free Sales Test can assess where a team’s performance levels are and what tuition they need to get the best return for their time and efforts.

Or perhaps a practical Sales Structure Course is needed?  One that lays out the rules and shows how to control these calls – whether it is face to face or over the telephone – and includes:

Planning – How to get the maximum return from your efforts Introduction – ‘Getting in’ techniques and how to ‘sell’ the call.

Requirements – Questioning techniques, the difference between open and closed questions and when to use them.

Benefits – How to promote the features and benefits of your products and services.

Investments – Having spent money developing your company, how do you now get a return for it?

Closing – Asking for the order at the right time and in the right manner.

Evaluation – How was it for you and could we have done better?

Administration – Monitoring results and performance to ensure maximum return.


So what now?


Charlie runs many training courses that cover topics such as these, helping businesses to develop their sales structure to meet the needs of the business.  Charlie will be running the Structured Sales Course above on 16th May and again on 13th June.  This course is shaped to suit both experienced individuals who’ve had exposure to these techniques but could do with a refresher, and to people new to sales or with no formal sales training who could do with knowing the rules.  It will also cover how to write a business prospecting e-mail and touch on how to use social media when prospecting.

For a free assessment on your sales team and to find out about the courses available to increase your sales and gross profit, please contact Charlie to find out more.