Embracing the cloud

March 31, 2020

Today, K-Club Director and Finance expert Sue Weighell shares her thoughts on how embracing cloud technology has helped shape her business.

Over to you Sue!


“Many years ago I started my career in accountancy. I started as a trainee accountant for a medium sized firm in Liverpool on 21st April (I won’t say the year!).  I sat at a desk and prepared accounts on paper. The only technology used? An adding machine! I think this shows it was a few years ago.

Unusually I got into preparing management accounts for clients rather than typical audit and tax. We had a mainframe computer and gave an operator our data to enter on paper form. That computer took up a room of its own and I suspect the capacity was nothing like our laptops today.

The PC arrived and I started to use that and ended up working in the Computer Services Department of Ernst & Young (after starting in Corporate Finance) and I worked with clients selecting and implementing account systems. I also wrote business plans and the simple cash flow forecast, that used to be done on paper, grew to a complex spreadsheet model. At that time I also became a trainer – both business and IT.

So what has that got to do with today?

Embrace change.

I left EY after having my daughter and ended up working as FD for a company for many years.  This was a job I always vowed I would NEVER do. It must be boring working in the same place doing the same accounts. How wrong I was! I learnt so much that which meant I had a lot of experience to bring to my clients when I started Delta Solutions.

Embrace the cloud.

Then I discovered Cloud Accounting and Xero. I have used many accounts packages over the years but this was very different.

How glad I am that I embraced change and technology. I would say never been afraid of change and I just learn to work differently. And this is never more so than now. I can use technology to work from a distance. I will look at systems to make the accounting process more efficient (less work for me!) and give companies accurate and up to date financial data, essential as we try to keep our businesses running.

The cloud changed my accounting life and I am quite happy working at home alone. For a while, at least… I do look forward to being out and about and meeting people (less than two metres away!)”


Feel free to get in touch with Sue if you want any help with your accounting systems.