Miles Lloyd

Founder & CEO, MIlestones Consulting

An experienced NED, Chair, Strategic Adviser, CEO and Business Improvement & Growth Consultant, Miles thrives on making businesses stronger and more profitable by creating positive change environments enabling businesses to achieve their vision.

His key strengths are; developing, implementing and realising effective ‘Business Strategy’, improving ‘Organisational Performance’ across the three critical facets of people, process and systems, and driving effective ‘Business Development and Growth’ (including funding and M&A) from a holistic perspective.

A business leader and transformational change expert who specialises in driving business & process improvement and developing quality focused continuous improvement cultures in organisations.  Miles is well versed and practiced in using best practice business planning and strategy tools, operational excellence processes and project & process methodologies, along with leading organisations through compliance and quality standards such as ISO9001:2008/2015 and EFQM accreditations.