3 Questions of Sport to move you & your business forward

October 5, 2018

A businessman and an athlete walk into a room…

“Who are you?” Says one.
What is your purpose?” Says the other.
What is your goal?”  They both ask of each other.

You may have asked yourself the very same questions many times before.  Have you ever been at a point where you need to find the answers?

At our September breakfast event we were treated to insights and inspiration on these very questions from 2 great speakers with sporting connections; Ben Peppi – Head of Sport Services at Barn Door (JMW) and Neil Fachie MBE – Gold medal winning Paralympic Cyclist.

K-Club Breakfast 27.9.18 - Speakers Neil Fachie MBE & Ben PeppiWhether an entrepreneur with a business to build, a Director leading a team and looking to inspire a team or someone at a crossroads in their career, the take-aways from the session were invaluable to all who were there.

You’ve reached your peak – now what?

Unlike ‘Joe Public’ many athletes will find themselves at a point of no return when they reach a certain age or level of fitness meaning that their sporting career must come to an end – like it or not.  So, what’s next for them?

Ben explained that there’s a common misconception that they’ll go into sports media coverage or turn to coaching, yet many professional sportspeople make a move into the business world – a world away from the pitch, court or track that they’ve been used to for years.  Many will have had little – if any – experience of ‘real world’ jobs and it’s likely to be a bit of a culture shock!  Being able to use the skills learned over time in sport as part of a team with clear focus, determination and the desire to achieve is key.  Those who don’t make it shouldn’t be overlooked – their personality traits and sheer mental toughness to overcome knock-backs can be immensely useful.

A business will have several considerations when thinking about working with an ex-sportsperson;
What skills do they have that can transfer into our business? Can they lead and motivate?
Will they be more than a brand ambassador?
What are their connections like and will these open doors for us?
It’s in making these connections and decisions where Barn Door can help – both for the individuals concerned and for a business.

The Rule of 3

From an athlete‘s perspective, Neil talked us through the time he narrowly missed out on winning gold at Rio 2016 and as a result how he went to a place that – mentally – he had never been to before.  As an undefeated cyclist and having broken world records, surely the race should have been academic?  Facing one of the biggest decisions of his life, he had to overcome nagging self-doubt, the feeling of having let a nation down and the realisation that he had no plans outside of sport, before he decided to give himself one more chance to win gold.  And so the Commonwealth Games in 2018 was his target.

Mental toughness presents itself to many athletes and for Neil it was use of positive self-talk and a three-word mantra – “earn your stripes” that helped him stay focussed enough for him to secure gold at the Gold Coast in early 2018.

The journey is never easy

Our attendees found the talks both useful and empowering.  Getting to hold those (very heavy!) medals – each with their own story and mantra – was a real treat and people left the event with a real ‘can-do’ attitude.

K-Club Breakfast Event 27.9.18
If you missed out on this breakfast event, why not book your seat today for one of our upcoming events here.  We welcome entrepreneurs, business owners, senior/Director level people from within a business to the K-Club.  Not sure what to expect?  Watch our short video which will give you an idea of how our Breakfast events work.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!